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Technology center, Schuco


Through the use of photo voltaic, solar thermal and geothermal energies, the Schuco Technology Center was able to reduce its energy consumption by 60%.

The extension to its Technology Centre allowed Schuco to carry out customer training and company events in its own facilities, ten training rooms of different sizes and the corresponding foyer areas fill the new three-storey building. It is supplemented by the Schuco Lounge, which now offers space for 300 persons in the two top floors of the old building. The new structure assimilates the dimensions of the old building in its height and extends these parallel o Karolinenstreet. Together with the company headquarters and another office building it forms an outdoor space that creates the newly designed company entrance. A screen skin of solar protection louvres combines old and new to one architectural unit. Inside the Technology Centre a three-storey space joins the gallery-like floor areas. This produces a complex interior with varied sight lines and generous views to the surrounding outside areas. Though the use of highly heat insulated elements and new building technology such as photo voltaic, solar thermal energy and geothermal energy the Schuco Technology Centre was able to reduce its consumption by approximately 60% as against a comparable building

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