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Gerken's farm


Countryside Harmony? When architecture is landscape and landscape is architecture.

Theme of the draft is living in the park. A total of 17 solitary blocks, with varying units, are proposed for this purpose with even distribution over the site. The places between the blocks are widely planted. The blocks vary in size and consist of 3, 4, 6 and 7 units. These surround a central courtyard, which is jointly used be the inhabitants as a communicative focal point. To promote the interaction, each apartment has a window facing the patio. In spite of their interconnection each apartment offers maximum internal privacy. Each unit is generated from

6 x 6 meter modules over 2 levels and can be individually composed. The modular structure of the units allows a high flexibility in the design of the blocks and helps the clients to find a group that suits their needs and, in conjunction with the others, from a  lock that corresponds to the urban and architectural specifications. The architectural concept aims at showing the modular structure that is tied together by a folded roof landscape. To make sure that, despite its formal heterogeneity, each block as well as the entire neighborhood becomes wholly coherent, it is suggested that one material is used for walls and roofs.

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