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Double sports hall


The sports hall is a plain glass cube over a metallic cube

A new sports hall was to be constructed at the primary school in the district of Ubbedissen in Bielefeld because the old hall had not been consistent with the modern requirements for a long time and also displayed great investment deficit. The new hall was also intended for the use by sports clubs so that it would enjoy better utilization. It was to be built on fallow land that borders directly onto the existing sports fields. The new sports hall is in the form of a plain glass cube. Its entrance faces towards the primary school. It is emphasized by a projecting roof. Besides the foyer the ground floor houses the building services center, equipment rooms and club room. A staircase that dominates the foyer then leads onto the upper floor, which houses the changing rooms from the hall also serves as a gallery. At the ends of the gallery two large windows provide a view of the rural surroundings. As the school was also to use the hall as an auditorium high quality material such as wood and glass were also used on its interior.

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