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Industrial facility, Husuman


The continual growth of the company and the unsatisfactory premises and shortage of space at the old location were reasons why the Owner of a burglar alarm, fire alarms, video monitoring and telephone monitoring ystems company decided to plan a new operations building. An area of wasteland in an industrial estate at the edge of the Eastern Westphalian town of Werther was chosen as the location. the room schedule demanded a small hall with a connected workshop to load the company’s vehicle and store the technical products together with suitable offices and social areas. A small meeting room was to be created for customers away from the operations areas. The layout of the building on the plot was decided taking into account later possible extensions and the desire to be easily visible from the neighboring rural road. The tight budget required an economical layout with sparing use of land and the use of commercially available, low-cost materials. The workplaces were, however, required to be of a high quality and the architecture of the building was also to communicate to the outside world the corporate culture as seen

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